Saturday, April 30, 2011


Most of the times I drive the same way to work - Tesson Ferry -> I270 -> I44 -> Kingshighway and on to my destination. So programmed is this route, that whenever I get on I-270 from Tesson Ferry, I usually exit on to I-44 even when this is not the route to my destination. I generally get a strawberry-mango-banana smoothie from work. Again, that's just routine for me.

However, I have decided to do somethings differently. Instead of taking the same route to work, I am going to take at least one different route each week, and find a route I have not yet travelled. I have already addressed the smoothie issue. The other day I had a cappucino/yogurt smoothie and today I am having a banana/mango/yogurt smoothie. It is awful, btw.

I am sure changes are good. If my life did not change and I did not change my attitude about a lot of things, I would not be the person I am today. Stagnation doesn't bring about growth. I have not yet figured out how exactly a change in smoothie taste or travel route will bring about growth. However, changes and being intentional about changing is an attitude I wish to embrace with more strength.