Sunday, May 30, 2010


It's 7:54 a.m., 73 deg F, Sunday and I am seated on my deck. A very light breeze is blowing causing the leaves on the trees to waltz. Every now and then the wind gets excited and encourages the leaves to put some pep in their step. I watch the fog lift its cover from my backyard, and the sun peek through the railings of the deck and branches of the trees. It is a beautiful sight and I felt at ease.

Something compelled me to get up and go outside this morning. While still in bed I read a bible verse (John 17: 16 – 31) about sorrows turning to joy, and reflected on my reading. After a few minutes I yielded to the desire to be outside. I stepped outside with Mark Twain and Tyndale to say hello to the morning and “my birds” who were already in full chorus. Later we were joined by a cup of tea.

I read another verse; this time from Proverbs 5 : 6 – 20 (Tyndale). It spoke about the lessons of life. I also reflected on that verse and felt at ease.

Before “talking” to Twain I looked around my backyard. I see a maple tree that I thought of cutting down due to its size and close proximity to the house. I see rose bushes peek-a-booing through the deck railing. Further in the distance I see a garden patch that blooms iris in the spring, but is now in need of weeding and attention. Beyond that, further in the distance, is a patch of weed that needs to be removed. I am looking at the garden area immediately around the deck and wondering if I should bother myself with mulching it today. I also have a few trees around which I want to put soil and mulch. I felt stirred.

I zoomed out to take a broader view of the sight and take in the sounds which includes the flutter of wings: some visiting the bird feeder while others just flying by. I didn't feel like an intruder. I felt like I was welcomed to be in the picture.

I felt at ease.