Thursday, November 26, 2009


Thanksgiving was a blast. I was off work and for that I was extremely thankful. I spent the day doing everything I wanted to do - nothing. I also did most of what I didn't want to do - anything. Actually, I had to do a little bit of light cleaning. However, it felt good to go at my own pace.

With nothing much to do, I figured I would make my rounds of blogs and news sites. I realize during my blog surfing, that sometimes it is better to just shut up and make people think you have nothing to say, than to open your mouth only to prove that you have nothing to say.

As I am surfing some of these blogs, I find them to be nothing more than links to other sites. Seriously now, I thought blogging (and the whole purpose of writing) was to share YOUR thoughts. A link to a story is fine, but when the link is your story, then maybe you should really just remain quiet. It reminds me of people who speak because they can, and not because they have something to say. Where are your thoughts?

I see one of favorite blogs has not been updated in a long time. I have to wonder if the blogger chooses to speak only when there is something to say, versus speaking because they possess the ability to speak. Knowing the blogger, I would say the former is most likely the reason for the lack of updates. And that is quite fine by me.
To those who update their blogs with refreshing contents, keep up the good work - you gave me something to do.